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Wine Gifts for All Occasions

We’re glad you’re here! We’re excited to show you how to choose the perfect gift for any occasion or person.

The Magic of Gift Giving

What was the best gift you ever received?

Maybe it was a stuffed animal you received when you were child - and you still have it. Or perhaps it was your very first car…

Thoughtful gifting has been noted by psychologists to be “a bedrock feature of human nature” and truly memorable gifts focus on three things:

  • quality over quantity
  • personal touch
  • a memory of experience

A wine gift combines all three of these in a beautiful and effortless way. Choose a quality wine, add a custom wine label, and recall a past memory. Or better yet, pop the bottle and create a new one. Show someone that you care with a personal gift; every bottle ripe with a story behind it.

Bringing People Together

Wine has both deep and wide historical roots. Every time you drink or gift wine, you are taking part in a shared human experience that has been around for thousands of years. Awww.

“The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine."
       - Thucydides, Ancient Greek Historian

Though society has changed significantly since antiquity, the core function of wine within society, lucky, hasn't changed: making meals and social gatherings more enjoyable and memorable (orrr, sometimes less memorable... you get the picture).

I guess you can say that wine’s main job is bringing people together. Thanks, wine.

If you want to deep dive into the history of wine, we have that info here.

Getting Started

Know Your Recipient

Starting here will help you narrow down which wines to choose and which gift giving approach you should take.

What’s the Occasion?

Fitting the wine to the occasion is crucial to choosing a gift that wows. From birthdays to weddings to housewarming, each occasion may call for a different gift giving approach and wine bottle size.

Make It Unique / Personal

Any gift with a custom element or personal touch is always that much more memorable. Add a photo, special date, or favorite quote to make it one-of-a-kind.

Put a Bow on It

When giving your gift, presentation is key. Put the final finishing touches on your wine gift with a tote bag or wood wine box.

Gift by Recipient

The first step to choosing the perfect wine gift starts with the recipient. This will help you narrow down which wines to choose and which gift giving approach you take.


The best gift for mom is the one she can drink. Make it extra special with a personalized label!


Dads like wine, too, ya know! Show him you care with a special photo of the two of you when you were a child. After this, you’ll definitely be the favorite kid. Promise.

Significant Other

Your other half will love a custom surprise gift, picked just for them! Choose a special photo or engrave a favorite quote on your wine gift to make it extra special.


Is your bestie (finally) engaged? Graduating college? She shows up for you time and time again, so show your appreciation with a beautiful, and very special, gift. (She’ll probably open it with you anyway, soooo… it’s a gift for you too, right?)


So many of us have a special bond with a sibling, cousin, or other family member. When a special occasion strikes, consider giving wine as a gift to help them celebrate, and to tell them how you feel.


Show your appreciation for a teammate who covered a shift or helped with a big project. Or perhaps your “work wife” is leaving the company or moving away (cue the sad tears). Giving a corporate gift will surely dazzle and be especially memorable.

Business Client

Say thank you with a classy and thoughtful gift for a new client or to celebrate a closed deal. And forget fruit baskets or pizza lunch in the office. Treat your staff to a beautiful custom business gift instead.

Me, Myself and I

No shame in that. You certainly count - treat yo’ self! Whether you are looking for your new weekday wine or buying wine for your wedding, we suggest following the same steps and give yourself the ultimate, personalized wine gift. (PS, don’t forget to write yourself a thank you note.)

Gift by Occasion


The options are endless when it comes to your wedding journey. From bridesmaid proposal to your bachelorette party, personalize a wine label for a memorable and fun gift for friends. Or if you are a wedding guest, celebrate the newlyweds with a meaningful, beautiful custom engraved wedding gift. If you want to really wow, consider a large format wine bottle for the new couple.


Pop the bubbly and get ready to celebrate! Whether it’s a milestone birthday (hello, 40!) or you’re just another year older, a birthday calls for a personalized bottle of wine.


We know emotions run high when buying a house. Help the new home owners calm the nerves with a bottle of sparkling wine as their housewarming gift.


Family gatherings can be tricky sometimes, especially when it comes to the holidays. Be sure to arrive at Aunt Carol’s house with a host gift. Give a gift of wine and you score some extra brownie points (and the honor of being called the favorite niece… jussayin).

Large Events and Friendly Gatherings

From fundraisers to galas to conventions, you can utilize wine as a gift in several ways. Hand out mini champagne bottles at your vendor booth, or place a bottle of wine on each table at your upcoming awards dinner.


Celebrating long lasting love has never been easier than with a custom wedding wine gift. Engrave the wedding date into a large format wine bottle for an extra special gift, or upload a funny candid pic of the couple for a cheeky anniversary gift.


Don’t forget to pop some bubbly for the college grad. This milestone into adulthood deserves to be celebrated with some yummy sparkling rosé - in proper champagne flutes, mind you. We know… adulting.

Business Milestone

Whether you hired someone half your age or your bidding adieu to a beloved colleague (who is twice your age?), say welcome or thank you or congrats or just “hiiiiii” with a corporate gift. You’re sure to be the fave coworker in no time.

"Just Because" and Other Life Events

Just because I love you. We all want that kind of gift! Or maybe it’s a “you’re better off without him” kind of gift. No matter the circumstance, from new baby to overcoming a fear or hitting a big goal, nothing says “yassss!” like the gift of personalized wine.

Ways to Make it Personal

When creating your custom wine gift, the key is to keep it personal to your recipient. Now that you know the recipient and occasion, and you’ve narrowed down your wine options, now is the time to add that special finishing touch to your gift.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our customization options. But below are a few options to help you.

  • An Important Date (ideas: birthday, wedding day, anniversary, new baby birth date)
  • A Meaningful or Fun Photo (ideas: favorite selfie, headshot, candid pic, professional photo)
  • Name (initials, monogram, new last name for bride)
  • Quote or Phrase (favorite movie quote, book excerpt, inspirational word or quote)
  • Inside Joke (nothing is more unique/personal than a funny quip or inside joke)

Put a Bow on It

The perfect custom gift has a special finishing touch. Consider your recipient and the occasion and choose from several options to make it even more beautiful and presentable.

If you are shipping directly to your recipient, don’t forget a custom gift note in your package. Also, consider adding a corkscrew or engraved wine glasses. For a true statement, especially for a milestone event like a wedding or retirement, you can ship the wine inside a custom engraved wood wine box for added wow factor.

If you are going to hand deliver the gift, then you have a few more options at your fingertips (yay!). Present your personalized gift in a wine bag, tote, or beautiful wood box. Or if you want to DIY, just put a bow on it.

They are sure to love it! Because it’s wine (duh). And it’s personalized. But most importantly…. because it came from YOU.

Quiz: Find the Perfect Wine for the Perfect Gift

Creating custom wine labels with Personal Wine is super easy: pick your wine, design your label, and we'll do the rest!

Take this quiz to receive wine suggestions directly in your inbox.

Why give a custom wine gift?

The perfect gift is equal parts thoughtful, unique and desirable—a custom wine gift is all three. Wine is a beautiful, expressive drink that's been apart of human culture since antiquity; adding a personalized touch makes a gift unlike any other that is sure to be well received.

You shouldn't have to dread giving gifts, that's why we've done our best to make creating and sending wine as a gift an enjoyable experience. We've created an easy to use website and paired it with fanatical customer support so that you can enjoy creating your custom wine gifts. Whether you need help selecting the wine for your wedding, creating the perfect holiday gift for your employees, or send wine as a gift to clients around the country, we've here to make it happen.

Delivery times

We offer three delivery methods each of which will guarantee the arrival date of your package:

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Customization Options


Design your own label by adding text and photos to one of templates, or upload your own to create a custom wine gift. We'll take you design, print it in full color on a high-quality label stock and apply it to the bottle you choose.


Send wine as a gift and design your own engraving by adding text or line-art graphics (such as a solid logo). We'll take you design, engrave it into the glass and finish it off with a hand-painted metallic inlay.

Digital mockups

Unsure of what your bottle will look like? After you finish picking out your wine and creating your personalization, we'll show you a digital rendering of what your custom wine gift will look like.

Still have questions?

We'd be happy to help you out, here are three easy ways to get answers: