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Delivery dates

Orders placed after 2 a.m. will be processed the following business day. Once your order has been processed the delivery dates are as follows, depending on your service:

Service Turn around Expect delivery by
(if ordered today)
Standard 8-10 business days 10/4
Priority 6 business days 9/30
Expedited 4 business days 9/28

On-time Delivery Guarantee

Priority & Expedited shipments are covered by our on-time delivery money back guarantee. If the courier's first attempt to deliver your order is after the guaranteed delivery by date, we will gladly refund your shipping costs. Some exclusions apply. Please see our Returns & Guarantee page for more information.

Shipping Restrictions

All alcohol shipments require an adult signature (21 or older) upon delivery. For more information, check out our shipping policies.

Shipping Prices

To provide you with the most affordable shipping possible, we calculate our rates in real time using the items in your order and shipping location.

To view shipping costs for your order build your cart and enter your address in the first checkout step.

An unforgettable message

Engraved Wine Bottles

Like carving initials on a tree, custom engraving a delicious bottle of wine sends a message that will not be forgotten quickly.

Engraved Wine Bottles

Our custom engraved wine bottles are nothing short of stunning. Start creating your own custom etched wine bottle by choosing a selection from our wine list and then add your own text or logo to create a timeless etched gift.

We use state-of-the-art laser etching machines to create your custom etched wine bottle. This machine etches your design directly onto the bottle and then fills the etch with a gold or silver paint to give it an extra pop.

Engrave a bottle

  • Engraved and etched Wish You a Happy Holiday Engraved Wine Bottle
  • Engraved and etched Etched Corporate Wine Gift Holiday Bottle
  • Engraved and etched Holly Jolly Etched Wine Bottle Gift
  • Engraved and etched Corporate Holiday Engraved Wine Bottle

Engraved Accessories

Our engraved wine accessories are the perfect compliment to a personalized wine bottle and will be treasured long after the bottle of wine has been enjoyed.

Engrave your logo onto a wood wine box or monogram your initials onto a pair of wine glasses to create a wine gift that will keep on giving.

Browse accessories

  • Engraved Wood Box
  • Engraved Wood Box with Bottle
  • Engraved Anniversary Wine Glass
  • Engraved Pint Glass

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Engraving FAQs

Is there are setup fee or minimum order?

No and no—there is no setup fee and no minimum order so you can engrave as little as one bottle or accessory.

Can I see what my engraving will look like on my product?

Yes! Navigate to the product you are interested in and customize it with an engraving design. Once you save your design a virtual mock-up of the product with your design will show up in your cart.

How much does an engraving cost?

Our standard custom engraving fee is $25. There are a few products that may have a different fee depending on the time it takes to engrave the product. You can see the engraving fee for a particular product on its product page.

What can I engrave onto a wine bottle or accessory?

You can add text and any line art, including logos and pictures. Line art consists of distinct lines on a plain background without gradations or hue; for those of us non-graphic designers, here are couple of examples:

Acceptable line art of boy fishing
Acceptable line art corporate logo
Non line art black and white photo
Non line art logo

What color will my engraving be filled with on my wine bottle?

Our wine bottles are painted with either silver or gold paint depending on the look of the bottle. To see the color a particular wine bottle will be filled with, scroll through the images on its products page.

Engraving Templates

To create an engraving design, navigate to a product page and select engraving as your customization.

  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/470/047/small/1458752259845_DEF123_1350.jpg?1469696313
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/794/411/small/1543524030925_DEF123_1350.png?1543524037
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/794/555/small/218e1ba5-9f78-4b96-8e8a-8e760f0ea14d.png?1615495618
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/812/940/small/1546062075786_DEF123_1350.png?1546062084
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/833/774/small/18b9492d88f843ab13f5257862a51a80.png?1552071680
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/913/441/small/04902352-c660-4a61-8eff-495c272964c8.png?1615492964
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/777/941/small/1540591128863_DEF123_1350.png?1540591133
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/777/915/small/1540589114470_DEF123_1350.png?1540589119
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/812/849/small/1546035533931_DEF123_1350.png?1546035537
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/792/784/small/1543352062463_DEF123_1350.png?1543352092
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/913/076/small/d84b5610-c909-4341-9967-9e6ee274054f.png?1641224049
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/783/117/small/1541801862823_DEF123_1350.png?1541801865
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/913/155/small/a56d9fce068af4af118a33b8f15533e6.png?1579194503
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/561/115/small/1484775408868_DEF123_1350.png?1484775411
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/819/578/small/1548195516350_DEF123_1350.png?1548195522
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/777/929/small/1540590201873_DEF123_1350.png?1540590205
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/783/125/small/1541802333067_DEF123_1350.png?1541802338
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/659/686/small/1511371990152_DEF123_1350.png?1511371990
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/807/880/small/1544819284848_DEF123_1350.png?1544819290
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/792/771/small/1543351369507_DEF123_1350.png?1543351404
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/947/823/small/fa144106-5adf-4032-a94d-d0bb5a5edaa0.png?1612197837
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/465/598/small/1456925019991_DEF123_1350.jpg?1469695828
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/821/510/small/7ad72968-6528-4111-bd5a-900bb3fa8ed5.png?1638290120
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/783/110/small/1541801533130_DEF123_1350.png?1541801534
  • example template https://images.personalwine.com/spree/designs/renderings/000/792/899/small/f8cbcdbe-ed67-4fb0-bc02-47ce3f300cbc.png?1612198555