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Make your gift truly 'theirs'

Label it

Design your own label for your personalized birthday wine bottle gift by adding text and photos to one of our templates - or take the reigns and design your own! Adding a photo of the star of the day is a lovely touch. We'll take your design, print it in full color on high-quality label stock, and will then apply it to whichever bottle of premium wine you choose. It's a gift and a card in one!


Engrave it

Design a beautiful customized engraving design for your personalized birthday wine bottle by adding text or in-line art graphics (such as a logo or symbol).

Create a birthday gift

Want to make sure it's perfect?

Digital mock-ups give you peace of mind. If you're a perfectionist and want to make sure that your gift is going to be absolutely fit for that extra social person in your life, you can view a digital mock-up of what your wine or champagne bottle will look like before you confirm it.

After you've designed your personalized engraving or label, we'll show you a digital rendering of what the final product will look like. After all, you're the one who knows what the recipient will love!

Whether its for a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, child, sibling or grandparent, you'll have piece of mind knowing that their gift is going to be just as you'd imaged it.

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable way to give an incredible birthday wine gift with a fair price point, so you're satisfied with the process from beginning to end.

How does it work?

Personal Wine has a simple process to create a stunning birthday wine gift thats the perfect choice for your party needs

  • 1. Select your wine

    Showcase how much you’ve grown together! Contrast an old photo of you and your mother alongside a recent snapshot.
  • 2. Create your label or engraving design

    Have a custom box crafted to house your personalized birthday wine bottle, and include accessories to adorn your gift with added flare.
  • 3. Place your order

    Include references to one of her favorite songs or movies with lyrics or quotes that encompass your sentiments and show her how well you know her.

Why Choose Personal Wine

We're experts in the art of gift giving

At Personal Wine, our passion for the art of giving gifts has led us to create the perfect one - something as unique and thoughtful as it is useful and enticing.

Founded in 1999 by college friends Alex and Aaron who shared a mutual love of wine, Alex one day made a personalized corporate wine bottle gift for his boss. It was such a hit that he knew he had something that transcended the regular 'trinket gift' - and the rest is history!

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable way to give an incredible birthday wine gift with a fair price point, so you're satisfied with the process from beginning to end.

Personalized gifts every birthday guy or gal will love

Get personal with a thoughtful wine gift

Here are some ideas for how Personal Wine can make your next birthday event moments truly stand-out

  • Add a picture to your wine bottle

    Create a personalized birthday wine bottle label featuring your favorite pictures with the star of the day - the birthday guy or gal.
  • Include the date

    Who wouldn't love to see the date of their birth included on their birthday wine bottle?
  • Make them laugh

    Let your funny bone come through! Be sure to include inside jokes and playful nicknames. Don't be afraid to be cheeky!
  • Go big

    If you're throwing a birthday party, make sure there's enough wine - our 1.5 or 3 liter bottles are big enough to share with friends and family.
  • Throw a party

    Mini personalized birthday wine bottles are a fan favorite, and make for a great inclusion to your spread or an excellent party favor for guests to take home as a memento.
  • Make it last

    Gift them an entire case of wine for their birthday. The bottles will look great on display and can be enjoyed for many moons to come.
Create a birthday gift

Whether mom is mad for merlot or partial to pinot, our range of premium wines are tried and true palate pleasers and our selection is built for every b-day budget. Have your custom birthday wine gift shipped directly to her, or opt to make your offering over a family celebration - our 1.5 and 3L bottles are ideal for sharing amongst family and friends who are gathered to share in the excitement on the day of birth of best mom on the block. And even once the delicious contents of the vessel have been consumed, she’ll want to cherish this heartfelt gift as a keepsake and host it in her home as a reminder of your reverence!