Where's My Order?

Delivery dates

Orders placed after 2 a.m. will be processed the following business day. Once your order has been processed the delivery dates are as follows, depending on your service:

Service Turn around Expect delivery by
(if ordered today)
Standard 8-10 business days 3/12
Priority 6 business days 3/8
Expedited 4 business days 3/6

On-time Delivery Guarantee

Priority & Expedited shipments are covered by our on-time delivery money back guarantee. If the courier's first attempt to deliver your order is after the guaranteed delivery by date, we will gladly refund your shipping costs. Some exclusions apply. Please see our Returns & Guarantee page for more information.

Shipping Restrictions

All alcohol shipments require an adult signature (21 or older) upon delivery. For more information, check out our shipping policies.

Shipping Prices

To provide you with the most affordable shipping possible, we calculate our rates in real time using the items in your order and shipping location.

To view shipping costs for your order build your cart and enter your address in the first checkout step.


Policies & Procedures


The delivery of a custom-made and alcoholic product is a little bit different than your standard online purchase. If you have never ordered with us, please take a few minutes to read over our policies and procedures to ensure the smooth delivery of your product.

Delivery Dates

We offer three delivery options, each of which guarantees your order to arrive on or before a specific date. Please note, the guaranteed delivery time starts when your order has been processed, which occurs the next business day after your place your order (guaranteed delivery time is only applicable to priority and expedited shipping).

Service Turn around Delivery by
(if ordered today)
Standard 5-8 business days 3/12
Priority 3-4 business days 3/8
Expedited 2-3 business days 3/6

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

If your order arrives late, we will refund you the full cost of any shipping charges.

Please note, any package containing alcohol will require the signature of someone 21 or older. If a delivery is attempted on or before the guaranteed date but fails because no one is able to sign for the package the shipment is not eligible for the On-Time Delivery Guarantee. Lastly, any delays caused by UPS or FedEx are not eligible for the On-Time Delivery Guarantee.

Delivery Prices

To provide you with the most affordable shipping possible, we calculate our rates in real time using the items in your order and delivery location. To view shipping costs, add items to your cart and enter your address in the first checkout step.

Where We Ship

We can ship non-alcohol items to all 50 states in the United States. We don't ship internationally or to U.S. territories at this time.

Additionally, we cannot ship packages containing alcohol to P.O. boxes as they must be signed for by someone 21 or over.


Shipping Confirmation Emails

You will receive a confirmation email when all or part of your order is shipped, along with delivery updates at each step of the delivery process. These emails will contain the FedEx, UPS or USPS tracking number for your shipment that can be used to look up the shipment directly on fedex.com.

FedEx Delivery Process

If your package contains alcohol, someone over 21 must be available at the time of delivery to sign for the package. FedEx will attempt to deliver your package on 3 consecutive business days; if no one is there to sign for the package after 3 attempts FedEx will send your package back to us.

Address Changes

FedEx charges additional fees to change an address after a package has been shipped. Please let us know if you need to change the shipping address as soon as possible to avoid this.

If your package has already shipped, you can change the address of your package through FedEx Delivery Manager. If you are unable to do this give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Re-shipping Undeliverable Packages

Once a package has been returned to us, we will contact you regarding the reshipment. If the package is to be reshipped, we will collect the reshipment fee at that time and send you the new tracking information. If you do not wish to have the package reshipped, please see our policy on cancelled orders & restocking.


When will my order ship?

Our products are custom-made and handcrafted, thus production times vary. We provide you with a guaranteed date of delivery at the time of purchase so you can have peace-of-mind and not worry about when the product ships.

Can my package be left at the door?

No, by the law it is required that someone 21 or older signs for a package containing alcohol at the time of delivery. We recommend shipping to a commercial address to ensure someone is available to sign.

Why is shipping wine so expensive?

Wine is heavy, fragile and regulated. This requires us to use special packaging that keeps the wine secure, as well as pay for additional services like the adult signature confirmation.

We are constantly looking for ways to drive our shipping costs down and pass these saving onto our customers. However, we are a boutique shop as far as e-commerce goes and aren’t always able to match the likes of Amazon and other giants when it comes to shipping services.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes, check out our Individual Shipping Program to learn how to send gifts to an entire database of clients with one simple order.

How can I save money on shipping?

Shipping to a commercial/business address is generally cheaper and ensure someone 21 or older is available to sign for the package. Also, we recommend ordering by the case (12 bottles). Shipping becomes significantly cheaper per unit this way compared to ordering a single bottle.