Most Popular Wine Labels

Choose from our range of premium wines that are tried and true. Whether they’re partial to pinot or seduced by sauvignon - you can’t go wrong with our high-end wine selection. Though, in our humble opinion, nothing says “you did it!” quite like uncorking a bottle of blissful bubbly. Hosting a graduation party? Personalized graduation wine bottles serve double-duty - providing drinks and decor to add flare to the festivities.

Our favorite graduation gift ideas:

  • Show your spirit
    Incorporate the colors and themes of the graduate's college into your design.
  • Highlight the degree
    Include details about the degree the graduate earned.
  • Use school pictures
    Create a custom label with a picture from their very first day of school next to their graduation photo.
  • A date to remember
    Commemorate the date of their graduation by including it in your design.
  • Throw a party
    Serving customized mini wine bottles. They make for a charming display as well as excellent party favors!
  • Up the ante!
    Go for one of our 1.5 or 3 liter bottles to be shared amongst friends and family.