Silver Eagle Pinot Noir Gift Set

2015   |   California
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velvet · delicate · vanilla

The United States Gold Bureau has taken the tradition of gifting a silver dollar to new heights by teaming with to offer the ultimate gift for any occasion--Silver Eagle Wine.

The tradition of giving coins as gifts has a long history that crosses many cultures. From the Chinese and Hindus to Russia’s tsars and Ottoman caliphs, heads of state have long given coins as presents. The gift of a silver dollar has been a U.S. military tradition for newly commissioned officers since the American Revolution. In 1836 President Andrew Jackson gifted a U.S. proof set to King Ph’ra Nang Klao of Siam and Rome’s emperors gifted coins to politicians and heads of state to help ensure loyalty.

Silver Eagle® Wine, a limited-production Pinot Noir from the Napa region of California, is delivered in a birch-wood box inlaid with an actual one-ounce Silver American Eagle coin crafted by the United States Mint, which immediately identifies it as a distinctive wine suitable for upscale gifts, mementos and celebrations. Silver Eagle® Wine is popular for college graduation gifts, weddings, job promotions or corporate gift, anniversaries and other major milestones. This exceptional wine expresses the true character of the nobel grape Pinot Noir in all its charm. Delicate aromas of vanilla greet each swirl, as flavors of ripe red fruit dance across the palette. With a velvety finish, you're invited back time and again. Please enjoy this wine today or hold for a special occasion.

Each bottle is delivered in a wood box inlayed with an actual one-ounce 2015 minted Silver American Eagle coin crafted by the United States Mint.

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    Pinot Noir
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