Codorniu Zero Brut (Alcohol Removed)

NV   |   Spain

Product Details

white currants · gooseberries · fruity
Codorníu Zero Sparkling Brut has less than .5% alcohol. This sparkling wine comes into the glass with a brilliant platinum yellow. The bubbles of this sparkling wine shine consistently and finely in the glass. The first nose of the Zero shows notes of white currants and gooseberries. The fruity aspects of the bouquet are joined by more fruity-balsamic nuances. The Zero can be described as particularly fruity and velvety, as it has been vinified with a wonderfully sweet flavor profile.


Front of Bottle
Personalize the front of this dealcoholized sparkling Brut with a custom wine label or engraving. The original winery back label containing information about the wine will remain on the back of the bottle.
  • Vintage

  • Region

  • Varietal

    Sparkling Wine
  • ABV

    < 0.5%
  • Volume