Arcadian Fiddlestix Pinot Noir

2008   |   Santa Rita Hills
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Founded by acclaimed winemaker Joe Davis in 1996, Arcadian Winery represents the polar opposite of mass-produced, manipulative winemaking. Instead, Joe cuts no corners, seeking to tell an authentic story with every bottle. Each wine tells you -not just on the label, but in the glass- where it’s from, when it was made, and of the intrinsic character of the grape. Furthermore, Joe waits. Such is clearly the case with his current release, the 2008 Arcadian Pinot Noir ‘Fiddlestix’ vineyard. A wine that juggles accessibility and complexity with uncanny aplomb.

Fans of California will march in lockstep with Burgundy aficionados to sing the praises of ‘Fiddlestix’, but from wholly divergent viewpoints. For the California Pinot lover, they will find an abundance of fruit, and a velvety tannic structure. The Burgundy drinkers will remark on the wine's pungent aromas, spicy flavor, and relatively low alcohol. All will agree on its excellence and value.

A complement to foods ranging from appetizers to entrees, a customized bottle of The 2008 Arcadian ‘Fiddlestix’ Pinot Noir will enliven any festive gathering.


Customize the front of this bottle. The winery back label with the winery information will remain on the rear of the bottle.
  • Vintage

  • Region

    Santa Rita Hills
  • Varietal

    Pinot Noir
  • ABV

  • Volume

  • Teardrop

    4.5" x 3.5"