Turley California Juvenile Zinfandel

2021   |   California

Product Details

succulent · aromatic · dark fruit
Fragrant, lifted aromas of ripe dark fruits like black raspberry and blood orange on the nose. Superb balance between acidity, tannin, and spice, with a succulent, profoundly satisfying texture.

The Turley California Juvenile is a young vine production. Juvenile vines range in age from about 6-25 years and pull from a selection of the best Turley vineyards across California.

This exquisite Zinfandel is ready to drink now or can be saved for a special occasion within the next 3-6 years. Create a truly unique gift by adding a custom label or engraving today!


Customize the front of this wine bottle with a custom wine label or engraving. The original winery back label containing information about the wine will remain on the back of the bottle. A high resolution black and white design is required for engraving. If a design is submitted that cannot be used there will be possible delays and/or fees required. High-Resolution, high-quality photographs can sometimes be converted to black & white engraving art. If you submit an engraving design with a color image, we will reach out to discuss your options. The minimum charge for a photo conversion is $40.
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