Honeysuckle California Moscato

2016   |   California
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Product Details

sweet • aromatic • balanced

Slightly sweet, nicely balanced with moderate alcohol and a crisp finish. Light citrus aromas are enhanced with the lovely fruit character. Known for its uniquely aromatic “grape” taste, Muscat Canelli is an ancient species that dates back to the Greco-Roman period. This bottle of California Moscato 2016 pairs well with spicy foods and desserts.

Show your creative side, and send a bottle of wine as a gift with a custom label.


Front of Bottle
Customize the front of this wine bottle with a custom wine label. The original winery back label containing information about the wine will remain on the back of the bottle.
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Based on 11 ratings

By Anonymous on 5/14/2018

I ordered the bottle for a wedding present that has yet to happen but I cannot wait to give the couple our gift. It turned out beautifully! I'm very pleased. I plan on ordering from personalwine.com again in the future and have been sharing your site with others. Thank you so much!

By Anonymous on 4/25/2018

I ordered a bottle of wine for my parent's 30th anniversary and had it engraved. It arrived when it was supposed to and exceeded my expectations. The bottle looked amazing! This is a gift they will treasure forever. It looks so good they said they can't open it. Thank you Personal Wine!

By Anonymous on 4/13/2018

By Anonymous on 4/2/2018

By Anonymous on 3/20/2018

Design turned out great!

By Anonymous on 2/14/2018

So glad i came across this idea! was a great gift and my friend loved it! will use again!

By Anonymous on 1/24/2018

I Ordered a bottle of wine for my best friend's birthday. The design came out perfect just the way I wanted it to look,and she loved it so much she said she almost didn't want to drink it. My Bff also stated it was the strongest Moscato she has had.

By Anonymous on 12/20/2017

Awesome product-can't wait for my mom to open it on Christmas! Super easy to make your own label or use one they have :)

By Anonymous on 12/6/2017

I found this site just looking for unique gift ideas on the internet. It turned out nice and I can’t wait to see the look on the recipients face when I give it to her.

By Cindy on 12/5/2017

By Anonymous on 11/22/2017

It was easy to design the label and looked even better in person!