Huffington Post Names Personal Wine - 26 Weird Mother’s Day Gifts Better Than What You’re Planning To Give Her

Are you dreading shopping for Mother’s Day? Can’t blame you there. Trying to find gifts for the woman who gave you life is a daunting task.

And malls, stores and online retailers don’t help by force-feeding generic items like flowers, brunch or perfume down consumers’ throats.

Your mom is not generic; she’s one of a kind. That’s why HuffPost Weird News has combed the world looking for bizarre and strange products that will surely appeal to your very special mother.

Yep, when she opens that package on Mother’s Day and sees peanut butter whiskey, a combination hairbrush/ bottle opener or a candle shaped like a middle finger, don’t be surprised if she looks at you with renewed respect and whispers with joy, “You get me. You really get me.”

You don’t have to give us the credit. It doesn’t matter what I write. Chances are, you’ve decided whether this works for your mom just based on the photo. Drink Like A Mother link:

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