Fina Estampa Blanco

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Fina Estampa Blanco tequila is not aged in oak at all but is rested in steel tanks for 60 days prior to bottling, which is thought to improve the flavor. Fina Estampa started when one of the owners of Un Tequila Artesanal, who was and still is today working as one of the main agave buyers for other well-known tequila manufacturers in Mexico, set out to create his own tequila. He combined his years of experience in the purchasing and grading of quality agave, along with the many years of experimenting with different tequila formulas to create one of Mexico's finest tequilas.

Liquor CANNOT be shipped to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia


Your custom message or logo will be engraved on the back of the bottle and filled with an elegant silver inlay. All of the retail labels will remain intact.
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