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Go the extra mile and show your special someone that they are well worth the added effort with a unique Valentine’s Day gift. A personalized bottle of wine allows you to express your sentiments in tandem with the timeless offering that is vino - acting as a card and a gift in one palate-pleasing package. And after it’s all empty and that grape elixir is gone, your custom labeled or etched bottle can serve as a keepsake to be displayed as a reminder of this Valentine’s Day spent together.

The gift of grape is a classic element to the ultimate Valentine’s Day celebration. Have a personalized wine bottle awaiting your special someone for dinner, at your hotel, or at your venue of choice, or have it shipped directly to them for that good ole long-distance razzle dazzle. Celebrate the one you adore with a personalized wine bottle crafted especially for them on Valentine's Day.

Our favorite Valentine gift ideas:

  • 1
    Gift them a ‘bouquet’ of custom mini-bottles to represent each Valentine’s Day you’ve spent together.
  • 2
    Our 1.5 and 3L bottles make for an impressive centerpiece to your home-cooked Valentine’s dinner!
  • 3
    Single this Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself and friends to a Valentine’s Day party and order up a case of custom wine bottles to embody your single sentiments.
  • 4
    Nothing says romance quite like rose. Have a bottle waiting at your venue of choice to up the ‘wow’ factor of the reveal!
  • 5
    Make your sweetheart swoon with a custom message, quote, collage, or photo that showcases just how much they mean to you.
  • 6
    Write out the most important events you shared with the recipient from the last year.