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Custom Wine Gifts for Hanukkah

Unlike an ordinary bottle you pick up from the liquor store, a personalized wine demonstrates the extra effort the recipient is well worth. With a custom label or etching you can express exactly the right message catered especially for them. Showcase your originality and outfit your vessel with a facade that shows your friend, colleague, or family member just how grateful you are to share in the celebration of the holiday. And once its contents have been consumed, your loved one can display the empty bottle in their home in memory of this Hanukkah. Plus, ordering online means avoiding the mall mayhem and those seemingly unending lines at the dreaded big-box stores. Holiday shopping without leaving the house? Yes, please.

Whether you’re gifting your colleague, a family member, a close friend, a teacher, or even the mailman - you can’t go wrong with the timeless gesture that is vino. And because our range of premium wines are all tried and true palate pleasers, you’re sure to secure choices that will delight and make the season bright. Select one of our Kosher wines imported from Israel and adorn your label with heartfelt Hanukkah wishes to hit home your holiday sentiments. Whether you’re choosing to present the recipient with a single bottle or you’ll be requiring a case to sustain 8 days of observance, creating your custom labels lends the opportunity to shine more light on the unequivocal features you appreciate most in your loved ones, or to dress up your decor to enhance the festive feel of your Hanukkah gathering.

Our favorite Hanukkah gift ideas:

  • 1
    Make a splash at your family Hanukkah celebration with a case of custom wines catered especially for the occasion.
  • 2
    Pick up a personal bottle to compliment your menorah as an added element to your centerpiece. Feature good tidings, favorite quotes to embody the season, or relevant passages from the Torah
  • 3
    What could be more festive than our mega-sized 1.5 or 3L bottle to be shared amongst family and friends?
  • 4
    Unlike a mystery bottle you pick up at the gas station on the way to an event, a personalized wine makes for an excellent host gift that shows you went the extra mile.