Most Popular Wine Labels

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There isn't a more unique bridesmaid gift than a personalized bottle of wine, which allows you to express your sentiments in tandem with the timeless offering that is vino. Your personalized bridesmaid wine labels can be utilized as a prop to pose the question or act as a token of your gratitude to send them home with. And after it’s all empty and that grape elixir is gone, your custom bridesmaid wine labels or etched bottles make for decor you’ll all adore - a keepsake to be displayed in your homes to proudly preserve the occasion.

Our favorite Bridesmaid gift ideas:

  • Send the bottles
    Have your custom bridesmaid gift shipped directly to those faraway friends and create a label that poses the ever-important question
  • Make it a case
    Order up a case of custom wine bottles and invite your selected ladies for a night of celebration.
  • Go big
    Our 1.5 or 3 liter bottles make for a festive feature to outfit your spread, and can be shared amongst you and your lady lushes.
  • Add a photo
    Incorporate a throwback photo or collage of you and your bridesmaids in your design.
  • Mark the date
    Commemorate the date of asking, or print your wedding date to hit home the anticipation of the occasion to come.
  • Double the fun
    Gift them a pair of mini-bottles - one to celebrate the bridesmaid invitation, and one to be saved for the wedding date.