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Choose from our range of premium wines for your bachelorette party to please everyone's palette, no matter your price point. Select a single custom bottle to serve as the star of your pregame, choose a case to sustain countless drinking activities for a night in, make it a large format bottle to support your squad of lady lushes, or go for our mini-bottles to achieve an adorable spread with a specialized spin. Whatever bachelorette party gift ideas you have, we can make come true at Personal wine.

Our favorite bachelorette gift ideas

  • Have a laugh
    Be playful! Ply your bottle with inside jokes, embarrassing photos, the rules to a bridal drinking game, or your Bachelorette bucket list.
  • Put it on display
    Have the bachelorette party wine bottles handed off to your hotel or limo company so they are on display upon arrival for some added pizzaz.
  • Take it on the road
    If you’re in a city with open container laws, our mini-bottles are perfectly portable!
  • Upsize the bottle
    Up the ante with our 1.5 and 3L mega-bottles - they’re ideal for sharing amongst the squad.
  • All weekend long
    If you’re in for a weekend of festivities, make it a case of wine to sustain your bachelorette party activities.
  • Double the fun
    Make sure you add champagne to your beverage roster for the morning after when you really, really need a mimosa.
Still have questions?

Here are three easy ways to get help creating a unique wine bachelorette party gift: