Custom Engraved Old World Style Carafe

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Whether you're looking to elevate the presentation of your breakfast beverages or you want to find an alternative to leaving wine bottles on your tables, this large glass carafe delivers sophistication! Our personalized wine carafe has an emblem on its neck that reads "1 Litre", adding an old-world appeal to any decor. For an additional visual appeal, the bottom of this large 1L glass carafe features an etched grape design. 

A personalized wine carafe with custom engraving makes for an excellent wedding gift, or just enjoy your juice or wine in style with one.  


Carafe Engraving
A high resolution black and white design is required for engraving. If a design is submitted that cannot be used there will be possible delays and/or fees required. If you submit an engraving design for your 1L glass carafe with a color image, we will reach out to discuss your options.
  • Volume

    1 Liter (33.875 oz)
  • Material

  • Care & Cleaning

  • Drink Type Held

    Juice | Wine

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By Brian on 6/24/2017