Halloween Essentials Gift Set

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potions • tinctures • spells

Wine-o’s beware, these gift sets are rare! We can’t believe it’s already spooky season! In honor of Halloween, we put together a variety of chilling wine sets that will startle and delight!

Witches Potion Cabernet Sauvignon opens with tempting aromas of blackberry, plum, and bright fruits. Alluring flavors of ripe, red berries and tasty notes of blackcurrant and oak envelop the palate and lead to an elegantly smooth finish.

The Antidote Pinot Grigio was carefully harvested when the grapes were at full, plump ripeness and gently pressed. The aromas of Marigold flowers and bright cantaloupe melon will entice your pallet and make you yearn for this round and fruity treat.

Spider Poison Rosé will delight your tastebuds with expressive notes of wild strawberry, white raspberry, apricot, and rose petals. Sweet and refreshing, with a creamy texture and vibrant coral color, this rosé wine is an absolute crowd pleaser.

  • Varietal

    Halloween Essentials Set
  • Volume

    750 mL
  • ABV

    13.5% - 13.9%
  • Region

    Mixed Region