Who we are

Personal Wine strives to create extraordinary wine experiences - both inside the bottle and out.

We fulfill this mission by providing a selection of high quality wines at a great value, pairing these with beautifully printed labels or engravings, and bringing this all to you with an unmatched level of customer service.

We source our wines from vineyards all over the world and have each one taste tested by a panel of sommeliers.

Personal Wine is about creating a special and extraordinary wine experience - both inside the bottle and out. When you buy from us we want the wine to tastes as good as it looks.

While many of our competitors are bottling cheap juice and allowing you to put a label on it; we have created a unique process for sourcing our wines; we source wines from fantastic wineries all over the world and allow you to customize the front label while leaving the original winery back label on, so you can see exactly what wine you drinking.

How it works

Apply label


We take your label design and print it on state of the art printers. The label is then applied to your selected wine. Any engravings are done using a hi-resolution laser etcher.



We became the best custom wine company by continously striving for perfection. Throughout the production process we continously check for errors to ensure a high end finished product.



To ensure your product arrives looking & tasting just the way it should, all personalized wine orders are shipped with styrofoam and when necessary ice packs. This is ensures that not only will the bottle be undamaged but also that the wine is fresh & delicious.

Our history

Personal Wine was conceived in the winter of 1999. A collaboration between two college buddies with an affinity for wine and finer foods, with nothing more than a dream and $10,000 in savings. While working at an investment banking firm, Alex and Aaron soaked wine bottles in their bathtub to remove their original labels. These newly blank bottles could then be outfitted with customized labels and sold to friends, coworkers, and business associates.

After over a decade of navigating the regulatory waters and challenges of a being a small business, Personal Wine has emerged as the leader in high end customized wine, providing an unforgettable experience for their customers, both inside the bottle and out.